Do I dare tell my church I don’t have faith and ask them to have faith for me?

One of the deep areas of concern I have for the modern church is its deep emphasis on personal faith. Whilst I admit faith is an important subject, it is also important that we don’t bypass faith within the collective community.

Our current emphasis on personal faith and personal blessing has robbed us of what it means to be a faithful and faith filled community.

A friend shared with me her personal story yesterday of her grief when her father died from cancer. She felt that God was far from her. She couldn’t pray. Though she didn’t say so; perhaps there was an element of anger in her grief as to why God took this person away from her, whom she dearly loved.

I was impressed with what she told me…She told the community she fellowshiped with; I don’t have the faith to pray…I need you to have faith for me.

Wow that was so deep. This is a person who understands the power of community and the power of lament. She in fact was exercising a deep trust in God and in the fact that God was working through, in and over the community of believers.

Through this act of love; the church expressed their collective faith and in doing so allowed hope to raise up from the depth of despair in which personal faith can flourish.

So I ask you…would you dare tell your church you don’t have faith to carry on and ask them to have faith for you? If you can’t do that…perhaps there is something seriously wrong within your community.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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