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Interesting “Islamic terrorist” suicide bombing prevention strategy.

While this newspaper article is dated in 2004 it shows an interesting proposal to stop suicide bombing of buses in Israel. The proposal was to put bags of pig fat on every bus; with the idea that any would be … Continue reading

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Are faith and science enemies or friends who complement each other?

It often seems that we have two opposing teams that we are called to make up our minds as to whom we will barrack. One team we name Science. The other team we name Faith. And it would seem they … Continue reading

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John Denver signing the lord’s Prayer

This is amazing.

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The power of prayer is knowing we pray to a God who listens.

How do you feel when you are listened to?

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Christmas a time of what?

I love Christmas. I love the festivity. I love the sense of joy and camaraderie within society as society for the most part joins in and works together towards celebrating the Christmas festival. It’s great to see people smiling. It’s great to … Continue reading

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Gender equality

It is no secret that in the Western World there is much talk about equality between the sex’s. And indeed we should push for gender equality and accept it. However I am continually shocked that in the newspapers of today … Continue reading

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So what if my faith is a crutch….perhaps you need one too?

I have often heard others deride Christianity by saying its only a crutch to get by on. I laugh at Christians who get flustered and try and explain why its not a crutch. Well; I want to say it is … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer: Nature of Church!

I have been reading Bonhoeffer on the nature of the church. He talks about the role of the church in not trying to demand space within the world in and off its own accord. Rather the nature of the church … Continue reading

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Psalms; Gods word or man’s word to God?

One of my favourite books is “How to read the Bible for all its worth” by Gordon Fee. I watched a video clip on some highlights of his teaching how to do this. One question he asked in this clip … Continue reading

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Pentecostalism needs to embrace Intellectualism …so says Gordon Fee.

Charisma Magazine has a great interview with Gordon fee who is in my mind one of the worlds leading Bible Scholars. He says; For the most part, though, Pentecostals remain resistant to—or indifferent toward—theology and scholarship. After all, modern Pentecostalism … Continue reading

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