Positioned to pray.

The heart of the prayer warrior is a confident heart. But, it’s never confidence regarding our own goodness and ability. Our confidence must be on the goodness of God. Our confidence is in God. The very God, whose throne room we are seated in. Our confidence must be in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Son, who became fully human, and fully divine. Our confidence must be in God who declared he himself would take the wages of our sin upon himself. Death. But, as he is the author of life, the creator of life, of all that is seen and unseen, death could not hold him and he rose to life 3 days after his horrendous crucifixion. Not only has God spiritually seated us in the heavenly throne room, he has promised himself the person of the Holy Spirit to dwell within, over, and through us.

(c) Craig Bennett. Positioned to pray.

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When we boil it down there is only one kind of prayer to pray.

I have been going through my old posts on prayer. This encouraged me, I pray it encourages you also.

Trinitarian Dance

I have been doing a lot of reflection on prayer. And I have come to the conclusion that we complicate prayer way too much. The reality is that God calls us to have a simple faith. And that he calls us to simply pray. God calls us to have simple trust in him. And so today I want to share the key foundation of simply praying. And this simple foundation is the foundation that we use to pray for ourselves and when praying for others. 

And the simple foundation of prayer for us is…   “God I need your help!”

And the simple foundation of prayer for others… “God, they need your help!”

And when we ask God for help, we ask him for the kind of help we need. Do we need wisdom, revelation, comfort, strength, healing, deliverance, protection, direction, forgiveness, joy, peace, provision etc. And again, when we ask God to…

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The God who died for us.

In one of his hymns, Charles Wesley wrote: “O Love divine, what has thou done! The immortal God hath died for me!”

One of the major push-backs to this hymn is the rightful claim that no one can kill God. It’s true that no one can kill God. It’s also true to say that the Godhead didn’t die on the cross. The Father and the Holy Spirit didn’t suffer on the cross.

Jesus says, no one can kill me. But, I lay my life down, and I take it up again. This is one of the many mysteries of the Trinity and the Atonement. God taking upon himself the punishment of our sin – the wages of sin is death.

Jesus says in John 10:17 – 18 17 The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

The Apostle Paul says to the church in Acts 20:28 Be shepherds of the church of God,[a] which he bought with his own blood.

Fred Sanders recently posted a in-depth article titled, ‘God died on the cross.”  It’s a worthwhile article to read.

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The God who knows us.

Why I believe in the living God. My story of becoming a Christian.

Trinitarian Dance

It was nearly 12pm, Sunday the 8th of May 1994, when we received the phone call. That day was special on many levels: It was mother’s day. It was also the last day I was to see my father alive ever again. Dad was dying from an aggressive form of leukaemia. He had only a few short weeks before, come out of hospital recovering from a prostate cancer operation, which he had been told was successful. Only to be given the prognosis a week or two later he had an aggressive form of leukaemia. My dad was a hard man. He was old school. He taught us that men don’t cry. He wasn’t harsh in an abusive way – though if we mucked up, he would only have to start to unbuckle his belt and we knew we had better stop, or cop his strap over our bare butt.


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I have been annoyed.

I will say up front that I am a Pentecostal Biblicist. If that terminology troubles you, its not my problem – your just going to have to live with it. What is a Pentecostal Biblicist you ask? Good question, I answer back. And say, I am a Pentecostal who takes understanding and experiencing the Scriptures seriously. Yet at the same time, I am neither a Calvinist, nor am I a Arminian. I belong to the same type of Christian group that Tozer did.

This week I have allowed a few blog posts, video clips, and other comments in books and social media get under my skin which have come from those belonging to the Young and Restless Calvinist camp. The annoyance is where they label Arminians, and they include in this group, non reformed baptists, methodists, pentecostals, and other non reformed denominations and abominations -as being Pelagians or Semi Pelagians.

The problem is, a Arminian in the classic sense of the term is a Arminian. A Pelagian is a Pelagian. And a Semi Pelagian is just that, a semi Pelagian.

* Pelagianism is a 5th century heresy where its founder believed that god creates every ones soul and therefore each persons soul is not tainted by sin. Therefore because of this goodness humanity can approach God from its own goodness without any divine help what so ever.

* Semi-Pelagianism essentially teaches that humanity is tainted by sin, but we have the ability to live a life of faith and good works without his initial help.

The problem with the Calvinist insults is the Arminian position is one that wholly believes in the doctrine of total depravity, that Jesus has paid the price for our sin through his death and resurrection, and that the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, the righteousness of Christ, and  the judgement of the devil. Therefore, the charges of heresy are obviously false.

The problem is a problem of sloppy theology. They have simplified and changed the historical meanings of these heresies to simply mean, anyone who denies their Calvinistic version of “Predestination.” And in doing so have wiped out 1500 years of theological history and meaning.

Furthermore, despite the faults within the Pentecostal movement, one cannot honestly tarnish Pentecostals as being Pelagians, nor as semi Pelagians, as Pentecostals for the most part fully believe in the doctrine of original sin, and are fully reliant on the holy Spirit to bring them to salvation and conviction of sin, righteousness, and the judgement of the devil.

The Scriptures warn us to be truth sayers. And to speak the truth in love. For a movement that *prides* itself on being the so called carriers of the truth – one can, should, and would expect that a better handling of scripture, history, and the truth would be taught and preached.

Anyways, now that I have got that annoyance of my chest…I feel every so much better.

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Crumbs or the whole loaf.

There is a story in the Gospels where a gentile woman approaches Jesus to bring deliverance and healing to her daughter. Jesus said it wasn’t right to feed bread to the dogs. She replied to him, that even the dogs ate the crumbs under the table.

The background of this story is the lady came from an area which oppressed the Jewish market farmers. They were like slave laborers whom the authorities took most of their produce leaving them with little to eat. (They were treated like and called dogs.)

Jesus was turning the tables on her by calling her family a dog. Within the framework of the story, he isn’t pulling his punches. He isn’t being lovey lovey and gooey gooey. He is in the face of this lady and insults her deeply.

But the lady doesn’t miss a beat. She accepts the insult. She doesn’t get all huffy. She says, even the dogs get to eat the scraps. she is making a double entendre where she says.. ‘The Romans don’t take all the food from the Jewish farmers, but feed them the scraps… ” She is in fact saying, “Hey, just as we give your people the scraps, I am more than happy to take the scraps, the scraps are sufficient, and you don’t have to keep everything for yourself.’

Jesus commended her for her faith. He sent her on her way, saying your daughter is healed.

I wonder how we think of Jesus… do we think of Jesus as being the whole loaf of bread we can eat of… or do we think we have to beg and scrounge for a few accidentally dropped crumbs that are left over?

Jesus gives all of himself to us. He holds nothing back. When we come to him, he gives us the whole loaf. Remember – God is our confidence!

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I have your back.

Men. It’s important that you know that the majority of guys who take their lives, are not depressed. They instead suffer what is known as a massive “Adjustment Disorder” to the break down of ones normality of life.

This can happen in many areas of life. Relationship. Job. Health. Just to name a few.

I was about to go to bed last night and the phone rang.  A Facebook friend from interstate was on the line. I have laughed with him. Argued with him. Mocked him. Been flippant with him. And he with me for many years… and tonight was the first time I had heard his voice. The first time we had spoken with each other with our voices.

He was a man in pain. A man with much confusion. A man facing massive uncertainty. A man who was suicidal, and a man who has now made a plan to live.

Men. I want you to know, I have your back. I am tired of the devil taking our best before their time is over. If you are suicidal, if your going through a hard time, if your bit sad, bit confused, angry… what ever… let me know, come chat with me. I will pray for you. And if I can, I will come and see you, and sit with you.

Know this. you are not alone!

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