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Getting strung out–so strung up!

Its spring time here in Sydney NSW. The plants are flowering, the potatoes are a few weeks away from flowering and the pot plants need re-potting. We possibly have around 100 pot plants of various types and sizes placed around … Continue reading

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Saving Face or Faith?

I believe the time has come for the church and its members to do a lot of deep soul searching into the realm of ‘Face’ or ‘Faith.’ Face portrays to the world that all is well in my world.. Faith … Continue reading

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The sociology of spirituality.

It appears that the majority of sociological investigations into the role spirituality plays within society – the Christian church is left out of the equation and the main thrust is recognising the spiritual benefits of society that are outworked through … Continue reading

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Intuition verses scientific facts.- Gamers crack Aids virus.

This news paper article describes an amazing feat. It describes how online gamers cracked a retro virus (AIDS like) DNA code within 3 weeks; something which has been a long standing problem for the scientific community. I think this has … Continue reading

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Understanding baptism from Genesis 1.

I was talking to our Pentateuch lecturer after class to clarify a few questions. The conversation moved to the subject of baptism and we linked it back to Genesis 1 where it says the Spirit of God hovered over the … Continue reading

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Personal identity and the church.

On the 3rd of August 2010 I wrote a post here about my intention to do a series of posts about identity and the church.  I had been writing a fair bit about personal identity at that point in time, … Continue reading

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Been here and there during the week.

Its been an interesting, tiring and satisfying week this week. We celebrated a friends birthday on Sunday, one which is claimed is the beginning of a perpetual 49th. It was celebrated at a Bowling club where 4 teams were formed … Continue reading

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God loves divorce!

  The Lord showed me this morning he loves divorce! I was thinking about my past sin, life, mistakes, shame, pain and regrets. I was reminded that not only has he cleansed me from past sin and set me on … Continue reading

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Out and about and some odds and ends.

My wife and I had a date day today. We spent the afternoon at Burralow Swamp, which I have posted about before and stopped on the way home to take some photos from the Kurrajong lookout. It was a great … Continue reading

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My confusion and distress before, on and after Sept 11.

It’s often asked what were you doing on September 11. I remember the day well. I had come out of the hallway and heard the TV say a plane had flown into the twin towers. Without giving it much thought … Continue reading

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