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Chapter and verses.

I have enjoyed reading a Bible that doesn’t have the traditional chapter and verse numbering system. It does have a draw back in that it makes it harder to refer to the passages that you are reading – though on the … Continue reading

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What is the big picture.

I’m preaching on Romans 13 tonight. I won’t give away the gist of the sermon as yet – but will post more about it tomorrow. However I do want to talk about how we look at Scripture. I have heard … Continue reading

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The gifts of the Spirit are not for us.

This is a comment I made to Dan who wrote an interesting blog post on the movie “The Rite” I have come to believe that the gifts are not our gifts- rather are gifts for the person we minister to. … Continue reading

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A Royal Wedding – I Care

To be oblivious of an up and coming royal wedding, one would have to be dead, totally isolated from society or such a Narcissistic person that the world only revolves around yourself. I have heard, read and watched people interacting … Continue reading

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Who do you cut yourself off from?

Luke records 3 accounts of overt grumbling in his gospel. Each time its the religious leaders and the religious lawyers who are complaining about Jesus eating and drinking and socialising with sinners. Even John the Baptist has some misgivings about … Continue reading

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What is the best way to translate the original manuscripts?

Martin Shields has asked the question in regards what methodology is best used in translating the original manuscripts into a modern day translation. It’s a fascinating subject and one that is controversial in many sectors. He makes an excellent observation … Continue reading

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Just a few more…

This morning I was fortunate and blessed to be able to visit Koorong and add a few books to my library. Brueggemann, Walter. Theology of the Old Testament – with CD-Rom. Lasor, Hubbard, Bush. Old Testament Survey. IVP. Dictionary of … Continue reading

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So Facebook is down….at least Word Press is working–what is happening in the world. I need to know :)

It’s 3:30am in the morning. I’m up because I have sore muscles, am stiff and was tossing around in bed, trying to sleep with no success. Horror’s of horror’s I find Facebook is down. Now what will I do? At … Continue reading

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My Ecclesiastes assignment has been marked

My assignment on Ecclesiastes has been marked. I was surprised how quickly it was done as it was only handed in last Friday. I did well with it. I also enjoy reading this particular markers comments, for they are always … Continue reading

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Would we understand Scripture differently -if the writers used emoticons?

Words are powerful. They have the ability to build people up and create kingdoms – and likewise they have the ability to pull people down and destroy kingdoms. There are various ways we use words. The spoken word, the written … Continue reading

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