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Walking back in time.

Last Sunday we had to park our car a couple of blocks from church and as we were walking down the road we heard some vibrant worship music and singing coming from another church that meets in the school hall … Continue reading

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Called to Pastor Where?

Yesterday my Joanne and I attended our old church where we said “Hi” to many old friends, celebrated the ministry of the interim pastor who had led the way the last 6 months and was now leaving for another gig. … Continue reading

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Within our modern church context, what are the pastoral implications of 1 Cor 13:13.

Part 1 Abstract In this essay I look at the pastoral implications of 1 Cor 13:13 and why it is that love is considered greater than faith and hope. I did this this by reflecting on the history and background … Continue reading

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A big issue.

I’m convinced the biggest problem in our churches today is its failure to identify, raise up, equip, release and continually mentor existing and new leaders. The true essence of pastoral care is to build identity, to raise up, equip, release … Continue reading

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There is no room for cessationism in Christian theology.

Brother Dave linked to a great article on being active Christians from the blog called Following Judah’s Lion. I love the byline that Rick wrote, which says, The church should be an instrument of redemption and practice redemptive socialism. Within … Continue reading

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Spiritual gifts and callings.

During this mornings devotion, the following verse stood out to me like a neon light from Romans. Rom 9:16  So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. This verse ultimately is talking … Continue reading

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The pastor: Understanding society and Emmanuel.

Last night I submitted the last assignment required to complete the ‘Sociology of Christian Community and Practice subject.’ The paper was an analysis a church with a membership over 200 people – with the clause that it couldn’t be our … Continue reading

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A day among days.

Our church held a Creating Safe Spaces workshop today. Which is something that every one within the Baptist church here in NSW are encouraged to attend. And indeed its compulsory for every one who has any formal ministry connection within … Continue reading

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Saving Face or Faith?

I believe the time has come for the church and its members to do a lot of deep soul searching into the realm of ‘Face’ or ‘Faith.’ Face portrays to the world that all is well in my world.. Faith … Continue reading

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The sociology of spirituality.

It appears that the majority of sociological investigations into the role spirituality plays within society – the Christian church is left out of the equation and the main thrust is recognising the spiritual benefits of society that are outworked through … Continue reading

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