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Encounter with a Mormon missionary.

Yesterday I was walking down the High Street at Penrith NSW, when a Mormon missionary approached me and started to talk to me. Now I have a standard opening line when ever I speak with Mormons, where I say…Hi Elder…my … Continue reading

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Are you frustrated or patient?

Peter gives his readers a  encouragement to live peaceful lives; lives that are pure and blameless. The context is within a time of political and social turmoil where the persecuted Christians are wondering what has happened to Christs return to … Continue reading

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Deep sadness in Norway.

It’s only now that I have been able to start to really process what has happened over in Norway. 90 people killed, one person caught with the possibility of another suspect still loose. My heart, my thoughts, my prayers raise … Continue reading

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Making every effort.

I have been reading through the 2nd book of Peter. The first chapter is a challenge in that it calls us to recognise our position in Christ, recognising that we are cleansed from all our sins. We are then called … Continue reading

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My Rant of the day – Those “Brown Bastard’s”

Today’s Sunday Telegraph contains an interesting article written by someone who went undercover for three weeks to do an expose on Indian Call Centres and the training they undergo. Admittedly this centre is only one of 1000’s that exist in … Continue reading

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Getting involved

I came across a car accident last night on Forrest Rd, St Marys, between two distinct ethnic groups of people –  being Samoan and Asian.  I felt compelled to pull over and make sure every thing was Ok. I pulled … Continue reading

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Appeasing the gods.

I have been having an interesting conversation with Nic about the nature of the prosperity gospel The prosperity Gospel (i.e., the form of it that emphasizes material blessings) seems to me to make God impotent. If God’s will is for all believers to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on suffering and theology.

Matt Anslow has written a good post on the issue of suffering and theology. Indeed, God came to us in the form of a human named Jesus, and thus he suffered as a human. He probably grazed his knees as … Continue reading

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Double checking continued…

It seems that I could have been a little hasty in my previous post about the mentioned resources parsing  Ἰησοῦ in the dative instead of the Genitive in which it appears this word should be…from further reading (Mounce) it appears that … Continue reading

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Unusual construct… it pays to double check.

I’m slowly gaining some confidence in understanding Greek and have been working through the book of Ephesians. Up till now I have been writing out a verse each day and working through the words that I recognise, without really trying … Continue reading

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