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A painful cost.

There is a real cost in following Christ. At times there is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cost for the individual and community to be a Christ follower. Its a cost that bows one at the knees. It causes … Continue reading

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The passing of Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs had been anonymously poor – there would have still been family and friends who would grieve over their loss and be in pain at this time. We can no longer pray for Steve.  For his family and … Continue reading

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Psalm 22 is key to understanding ‘Christs cry of forsakenness.’

The following verse is often understood in many conservative circles to mean that God turned his face away from his son and abandoned him on the cross. And in that moment of detachment the emotional pain of being separated from … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Doubt and Lament

Peter Enns has written a great article about the power of doubt. In this article he talks about the dark night of the soul in how God strips from us our false knowledge of him and the idea that Christianity … Continue reading

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Do I dare tell my church I don’t have faith and ask them to have faith for me?

One of the deep areas of concern I have for the modern church is its deep emphasis on personal faith. Whilst I admit faith is an important subject, it is also important that we don’t bypass¬†faith within the collective community. … Continue reading

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