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Cyber Space…a mission frontier.

  A friend of mine, Ben Larkin has explored for some time the idea of being an online missionary through the media of online gaming. In the past, I have used email, blogging and Facebook reasonably effectively to communicate with … Continue reading

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Paulos / Saulos: The name change.

Dave Black  asked me Please do write a follow up on the Saulos thing. I had always assumed that this name was a badge of honor — first king of Israel and all that. I also was under the impression … Continue reading

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Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Mark Stevens from the Parsons Patch has written a compelling reflective piece on the reality of Paul’s emotions as he struggles with being a sinful man and who he is in Christ. Romans 7:22-25 “22 For in my inner being … Continue reading

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Back to study: Witherington 1 & 2 Corinthians

I have resumed studies once again this semester. I am studying 1 & 2 Corinthians and because of time and available subject restrictions, I am taking this class via distance learning. This is not my favourite studying format… as I … Continue reading

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I thank who? The art of letter writing.

In my primary school days I have vague memories of being involved in a program of having pen friends. While I can’t remember who it was I wrote to, I do remember sending and receiving some letters to and from … Continue reading

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I came across this word today. It is now officially one of my favourite words. Exerstilleen! I may even explain more about the meaning of this word in a future post. But for now I say Exerstilleen to all my … Continue reading

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