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2012 has ended. Now what.

Its 4:40pm News Years Day, here in Western Sydney Australia. According to the weather report, its a steamy 39 degrees Celsius and slightly windy. And the first day of the new year is closer to the end then it is … Continue reading

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Who wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews?

  I have been devotionally reading through the book of Hebrews as well as working through its Greek translation. One of the fascinating debates that has historically surrounded this book is the issue of who authored it. In the past … Continue reading

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He made the Worlds.

Last week I decided to resume my Greek studies as college and other ministry commitments were finished for the year and I had the time to spare. Because I hadn’t read the book of Hebrews for a while, I decided … Continue reading

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The end is neighhhhhhhhhhhhh

Any prophecy that misses the mark of Christ’s grace within the framework of the earth’s demise is bogus. Mind you, there are many bogus prophecies within a so called Christian context that still miss the grace of Christ within the … Continue reading

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Mutual Edification

I was talking to (I’m always talking to someone) a young bloke at our community BBQ yesterday morning about the place of the church in the community and he said something profound. “The church scratches our back, so we will … Continue reading

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World peace

I among most of the world have been heartbroken with the recent tragedy in America. For a family and community to lose one precious child is heartbreaking enough; but here in one fell swoop, we hear of a murderous rampage … Continue reading

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An edgy kinda guy

I had a great day out with my wife Joanne and many friends and other strangers today. I attended a wedding of a great friend, who has been with me through some tough times. In the past I have rocked … Continue reading

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The new year, Plans and resolutions.

I stopped making new years resolutions many years ago. Within the framework of making resolutions I realised that I am guilty of regularly making and breaking new and old ones every day. And so my reasoning is that why make … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus?

I’m increasingly finding myself dissatisfied with doctrine. Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe doctrine is important. For knowing ones doctrine means one knows what it is they believe. But I’m getting more and more dissatisfied with dogmatic doctrine. … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise.

I have been reading Paul, Apostle of Weakness. By David Alan Black.  I was pleasantly surprised to read the following on page 32… Paul begins a lengthy appeal to the Galatians based on his previous assertion that all Christians are … Continue reading

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