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Congratulations Jacob.

Jacob Cerone has passed his oral defense for his thesis, and a hearty congratulations is in order. He blessed me with a copy of his thesis a few weeks ago and I am 1/2 way through it. I admit upfront … Continue reading

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Taking the Gospel to the Highways, Byways and Back-blocks to every child, woman and man.

I was browsing the internet for “Urban Chaplaincy” and found a number of sites like this one, which promotes “Street Chaplaincy.”  I followed their training links and found this fantastic statement, which was penned by Reverend Carment Urquhart who started Perth Bible … Continue reading

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Worshipers called to worship.

There is a lot of talk going on around the blogosphere, articles being written in journals and sermons preached on what is ‘true’ worship. It’s rightly noted that ‘true’ worship involves how we live our day to day lives, 24 … Continue reading

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The promises of God are tied into the one great promise.

It’s important to note that the promise of God in Scripture, is that God promises himself to us. That if we seek him with all our heart, strength and mind; we will receive the desire of our heart – which … Continue reading

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What are my gifts, talents and abilities; and am I being faithful?

Today we heard a message on the 3 managers who each received a sum of money to invest while the boss was away. During the sermon, the preacher used this story of a 9 year old Amira, who went on to win … Continue reading

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Delayed, but, never late. The God, who answers our prayers.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I turn closer to 50 more so than ever before. Last year my wife gave me a Koorong gift card, which somehow got misplaced. Koorong for my overseas friends, is an Australian Christian book shop. … Continue reading

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Writing is good medicine.

The Time posts an interesting article about the therapeutic benefits of writing. On a personal note,  I have found writing to be extremely helpful and therapeutic. Talking about difficult experiences can be a way of easing the emotional pain of … Continue reading

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What do you see in a sun rise and a sun set? Psalm 19

There is something spectacular about the sun rising or setting, where its rays are painting the clouds in a unique richness of layer upon layer of vibrant colors. The same can be said of the stars and the moon on … Continue reading

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