About me

I am Evangelical and Charismatic in theology and lean towards more of a Wesleyan slant regarding  the doctrine of Election. I am married and a father of 2 boys.

I have a deep interest in the pastoral theology and believe deeply that all theology must have a practical outworking within and for the church.



4 Responses to About me

  1. Marg Mowczko says:

    Hi Craig,
    Are you the same Craig that posts on Cheryl’s site?
    Some of your “About Me” story sound horrible! 😦
    I also have a Wesleyan lean and a charismatic outlook and experience in my faith.


    • Craig Benno says:

      Hi Marg.

      I may have posted on Cheryl’s site,.. not sure which one you are talking about though … yes some of my experiences were horrible and God has used them to bring much grace into my life. I will have a look at your blog. Thanks for the comments.

  2. heather joy says:

    It is nice to meet you.
    May the Lord continue to heal those who are hurting and broken.

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