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I’m thinking that Marc Cortez will win this months biblioblogger award. :)

Marc Cortez from scientia et sapientia has been freshly pressed on his blog post about how to get more done by pretending your on a aeroplane. Well done Marc… 80 odd comments over night – how many hits does that equate for… Watch out Jim and … Continue reading

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We are all missionaries.

One of my favourite blogger’s is Dave Black and to use a worldly term: I believe we have a kindred spirit. 🙂 Dave is a teacher and author as well as having a deep passion and concern for missions. Take what he has written … Continue reading

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The cohesiveness of Luke and Paul

It seems strange to me when I read or hear comments that create a dichotomy between Luke and Paul. Further more I cringe deeply when I hear of people promoting a Pauline theology over and above other Biblical authors as … Continue reading

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The parable of the sculptor.

There once was a sculptor who had a delivery of logs delivered to his workshop. This pile had a selection of knotty and gnarled pieces, some long and slender, others wide and short. Some were strong and others in various … Continue reading

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Do you like your self? Are you at peace with your self?

  Last night I had the privilege of preaching on the story of the “Prodigal son” from Luke. The theme was Stinken Thinken. Stinken Thinken robs us of peace. It robs us of joy. it robs us of walking in … Continue reading

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First year anniversary.

I have been away for a few days with my lovely wife, celebrating our first wedding anniversary. It seems weird that we are celebrating 12 months today. (Sunday 26th)  For I somehow distinctly remember getting married on a Saturday and … Continue reading

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Most Damaging Doctrine.

Brian LePort from Near Emmaus has recently asked what people consider the most damaging doctrines. After some thought I have to say that the most damaging doctrine is those that limit and distort the love and grace of God. And … Continue reading

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Context, context, context.

As readers of God’s word, we need to have the mindset of a detective and follow the trails. When reading a verse or passage we need to take it within the context of all Scripture and more importantly, back track … Continue reading

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Photography and the art of preaching

Recently my wife and I were blessed to be able to purchase a Cannon Eos 600D SLR camera (Rebel T3i for my American readers) lenses and tripod.  While not considered to be a professional’s camera, its capabilities far outweigh the … Continue reading

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Do you know the joy of forgiveness?

During the time of sharing and announcements at church today, I spoke about forgiveness and how once we ask for it, we receive it – for God doesn’t hold it back nor does he ever only partially forgive us. I know of … Continue reading

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