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New Year: Time to update my blog roll…who should I add?

I have been impressed with a number blogger’s and frequently read and comment on their posts. I have been slack in adding them to my blog roll; an oversight which I will fix over the next few weeks. I am … Continue reading

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I have thoughts of pulling my own tooth out.

Last night my lower left wisdom tooth decided to pop up and let me know it was there. Talk about pain. Have you ever thought about pulling your own teeth? I have! In 1989 this same tooth played up on … Continue reading

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Christianity does have a role in state education

The Australian Newspaper has a good article about the hypocrisy in a newly proposed national History curriculum. Religion is mentioned twice and while Christianity is not directly mentioned at all; it is indirectly mentioned through the studying of its failings; such … Continue reading

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John Calvin was only a 4 pointer….

Nathaniel on the Think Theologically blog has been reading and researching John Calvin. Most Christians in thinking of Calvinists, think of the acronym TULIP…yet Nathaniel claims that John Calvin was a 4 pointer and not a 5… Hmmm TUIP doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Water, water and more water.

It would seem that there is a surplus of water falling on us at the moment. Here in Australia it’s the real wet stuff. In other countries its the real cold; white stuff which some call “Devils Dandruff” Here in … Continue reading

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Jesus the master of the paraphrase.

I have just finished reading Eugene Peterson’s book; “Eat this Book” In the reading of this book there were times I was really encouraged, there were a few times I was a little bored and there were a few times … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas eve.

  For many Christmas is a time of rejoicing. For others its a time of heartache and pain. And whilst for others its a nightmare for they believe its an ungodly pagan festival in which they can’t wait for it … Continue reading

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The power behind the power’s in selling the power; the force isn’t what you think.

  The people of NSW are not stupid; though the current Labourr government may think we are. Eric Roozendaal the NSW treasurer forced through a sale of the NSW owned electrical supplies. The then NSW premier called the NSW governor … Continue reading

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Ghosts; demons and exorcisms: What are we to believe?

  John Mark Ministries link to a Australian Newspaper report about a Roman Catholic Priest who came to Australia. This was no ordinary visit, for this priest is the exorcist for London’s Westminster Archdiocese and the co-founder of the International … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer: Discipleship under the living Jesus.

  Bonhoeffer excludes the idea that knowing about Christ, having an idea or even a well developed systematic theology about Christ and even a general idea about Grace and Forgiveness equals true Discipleship. Instead, for him Discipleship is where one … Continue reading

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