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John, the nagging apostle!

We are preaching through 1 John in the night service at the moment and I have enjoyed the series so far. The preaching team has been the regular team, with one of the young ladies from the congregation courageously delivering … Continue reading

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The pastoral search process.

Our church has been going through a process of looking for a new pastor. Our previous pastor had been the senior pastor for 13 years, and had been the youth pastor previous to that. The last 12 months has been … Continue reading

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Destructive forces.

There is no more powerful destructive force in existence than there is of the power of love. Love conquers all things. It tears down strongholds. Love destroys impatience. It destroys hatred. It destroys jealousies. It destroys dissensions. It destroys bitterness. … Continue reading


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Any Builders in the House.

Last night my wife and I heard a couple of cracks and the house trembled. I thought we may have had experienced a tremor of some kind in the local area. But I think we experienced the house dropping. This … Continue reading

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A day in the garden.

It was a perfect autumn day so apart from doing some very minor plastering of wall cracks, and replacing two bathroom tap washers, I spent most of the day outside in the garden. I replaced the garden tap washer, sprayed … Continue reading

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The power of personal testimony.

There is power in personal testimony. Personal testimony makes the Gospel personal. Sharing what the Lord has done for us, makes our testimony deeply personal. Our relationship with God is deeply experiential. It’s meant to be experiential. By experiential, I … Continue reading

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Ho hum….Wow an amazing thing happened to ME!

The book of Mark is full of personal experience. A young virgin becomes the recipient of God’s promise and finds herself with child. A leper gets healed. Sins are proclaimed to be forgiven. Paralytics and other forms of crippling disabilities … Continue reading

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The Queen of England on Leadership.

I was encouraged and inspired by watching the mid morning news of the Queen giving part of a speech to Parliament. She said, a good leader will get amongst the people to know what they need and want. This is … Continue reading

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Sunday or every day Christians.

I am reading through Mark chapters 2 and 3 at the moment. The Sabbath becomes the topic in Mark 2:23 and the story and discussion about the Sabbath continues into Mark 3:6 I believe that chapter 2 should end at … Continue reading

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Study or the Study? What a decision.

I have had to make a semi major decision in regards to my current study demands. I wasn’t able to attend the first day of lectures last Wednesday because of being very ill. I posted about the Ethical Dilemma this … Continue reading

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