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Islamic professing professor denies Muhammad existed

Of course; it was only time before a German professor went this route… have to keep up traditional religious study etiquette.

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Celebration anniversary of Interlife Church

During February some great friends are celebrating the anniversary of the church that they planted. Jun and Cherry Galang are pastors of Interlife Church; a multicultural church based in South West Sydney. As part of their months celebration; on the … Continue reading

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What Australians can learn about cows, constitution and the 10 commandments….

Thanks Rowland for this ….Think about this: 1. Cows2. The Constitution3. The Ten Commandments ———————————————————————— COWS Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing thatduring the mad cow epidemic our government could track asingle cow, born in … Continue reading

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Happy Clappy Theology….

I opened the Australian Prayer Book (1978) this morning to the Thirteenth Ordinary Sunday which begins with: Clap your hands, O peoples. Shout out with loud songs of joy. Psalm 47.1 The daily collect finishes with these words which are … Continue reading

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Are you self sufficient or a global communicative member?

Its 1:49am… I’m up and about having woken up from a coughing fit. It’s way to early in the morning to write anything nearly coherent; so excuse my ramble….yet for some reason I was thinking about the idea of individuality … Continue reading

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The most common command in the Scriptures is….

I enjoyed church on Sunday. Our pastor was back from having a month off and his sermon was really good and really engaged about life. In his sermon he made a great point about one of the most common commands … Continue reading

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Man takes God to court… does he really have a case?

In 2006 the Federal Australian government under the leadership of Prime Minister John Howard, funded a national school chaplaincy program. This funding base was made available for schools to access a yearly maximum grant of $20,000 for the provision of … Continue reading

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The law is an ass at times…

A mother has been charged with raping a 15 year old boy in the U.S.A… she gave birth to his son and… now a judge has ordered that he now has to pay her…. child support… read the full story … Continue reading

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The quandary of church and fallen pastors

Mark Stevens on the Near Emmaus blog has written an interesting post about church pastors and public evangelists who publically / privately disgrace themselves and in doing so bring the church, themselves and the God we worship into disrepute.  The … Continue reading

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It’s all a matter of perspective if 100 million dollars is a lot of money…

Interesting perspective on Obama’s 100 million budget cuts…

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