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The Atheist and Christian discussion continued: Historical testing methods to determine ancient literature reliability.

This is the 6th in the series of articles title..The Atheist and Christian Discussion. This post is a little different to the previous posts for in it I’m not discussing any idea’s or ideals of faith. Rather the intent of … Continue reading

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Virtue and Happiness.

I would like to commend this article by Shane Clifton to read. I have shared about Shane in previous posts and am encouraged by his faith in the face of unimaginable hardship. While I know Shane most likely doesn’t consider … Continue reading

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What is “Holiness?”

I preached from Colossians 1:15-23 on Sunday night. During the course of the sermon I spoke about what God looked like and of course linked that to Jesus being the visible image of the invisible God. In speaking about God’s … Continue reading

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Some Bargains.

I was browsing in the local 2nd hand bookshop and came home with some bargains. Theology for the community of God by Stanley J. Grenz $12.50 A Sneaking Suspicion by John Dickson $4.50 I have always wanted the Grenz book; … Continue reading

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The pre-existence of Christ

I’m wanting to ask a few questions about the pre-existence of Christ as I am preparing a sermon on Colossians. One of the areas is in how was Christ the Logo’s. How did he pre-exist. I have no doubt about … Continue reading

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The dangers of reading Scripture through the lenses of a simplified literal modern understanding.

There is a danger for the Christian to read Scripture with a simple literal understanding. Take for example Mark 11 where Jesus teaches on prayer. A modern understanding of it would be that Jesus is teaching us that what ever … Continue reading

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Question for the day:

I asked this series of questions on Face Book and it has raised up some interesting responses….What forms your identity as a person? What makes you a woman or a man? How do you identify as a woman or a … Continue reading

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What ever you desire…ask for it!

. In mark 11 we read that Jesus entered into Jerusalem 3 times. The first time was on the colt that hadn’t been broken in and ridden. Here we see Jesus declaring his Lordship over the animal kingdom for its … Continue reading

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Being an agent of hope in a pain filled world.

I recently preached on the subject of being an “Agent of hope in a pain filled world!” Be encouraged!

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The true root of social injustice is the idolatry of self.

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