When sloganeering doesn’t work.

I was involved in a discussion recently when someone jumped in and said: “Anyone who votes and supports Trump isn’t a Christian – end of discussion!”

I replied – “And you cannot be a Christian and support Abortion. Simple as that. Now what?”

He replied, “No but I can show love by not telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body.”

And I replied, “I think I prefer to show love in how to treat everybody, including an unborn body… Now what!”

And he didn’t come back with an answer.

The truth is sloganeering and rhetorical insults don’t work. Working out your salvation in faith is fraught in danger when we make it all about a political alliance. Christians can align themselves to any political party their conscience allows and we should allow all to do so without throwing labels at each other. It’s not works that saves us. It’s always trusting in Jesus as to what he has done that does.

Certainly there is an expectation of good works to outwork from the lives of the believer. And if you look closely at the lives of most Christians, despite their political, and Biblical convictions – all do outwork a good ethic of behavior – within the framework of their convictions.

The Apostle Paul said to a bunch of hardheaded, dimwitted, Christians (who by the way were very similar to us bunch) that hey, if you have a disagreement of belief – if some of you eat meat, and some of you don’t, that hey, allow those who eat meat to do so to the glory of God, and those who don’t do so to the glory of God, and if anyone has a different point of view… keep seeking God who will give you wisdom and he is the one who will change your hearts and minds… in the meanwhile praise God.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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