New readers.

I would like to welcome 6 new readers to my blog. I’m always interested and surprised where my readership comes from and I would like to introduce them to you.

The Better Man Project I love the theme. On a personal note, its something I aim to become in my own life.  And I have a passion for building up the identity of others. I love the idea of the ‘Bucket List’ and think I will take the idea on board for my own blog and create a bucket list page.

Mary Anne Pale – Breathing Life Into Words I love the by line. Breathing life into words. There is something special about words. Words have the power to break or restore. To heal or destroy. To empower or pull down. The theme of this blog is poetry. Time to time, I enjoy writing poetry and have posted some here.

Blog a Novel Maxwell  is a writer, who is set on improving his writing skills. His blog is where he is posting his first novel as a serial. What a novel idea. ….yes groan away! I enjoy writing. I enjoy the writing process. I am not happy if I don’t write. And I have plans to write a book or perhaps 3 in the future myself.

Talin Orfalli is a writer. She enjoys writing and writes about many things. I think writing helps to make people become interesting. It helps sharpen the imagination. It helps strengthen the thought processes. Talin writes about every day stuff and makes it interesting. None of us should ever suffer writers block when we blog, for we have 24 hours worth of experiences to write about every day.

Soul Blind Ministry is a ministry blog. I love people who take God’s word seriously. And who also take service for our king seriously. I have to admit I am yet to scroll through many of your posts Daniel, but it does appear you have have been through some dark times of life, and come through them refined and transformed by our Lord.

Kana’s Chronicles. I love what you say about yourself. Self knowledge is an important trait to have and practice. Kana also is a writer and her recent piece is about ice fishing among other things. I have a dream / or a goal to one day go to Canada or Alaska and do some dog sledding. 

I want to give you guys an official welcome to my humble blog and thank you for joining the ranks of those who read along. I hope that we can continue to stimulate, encourage and empower each other to write and think about life, and all that means for us.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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