The one who sleeps…

A friend of mine, Ronnie Velasco wrote this poem.

As I face the fiercest storm
In the open sea
And the waves begin to tower,
Fear has spread within me
Fixated upon its power,
The raging storm and sea
My heart begins to falter
Hope no longer I can see


Then I looked and saw beyond,
Behind the boat a peaceful form           
While we all are in despond
There He sleeps in the midst of the storm
There He lies in complete serenity
Oblivious to this potential calamity
So we cried to Him in fear and anger
For Him to see we’re all in danger


He rose and looked at us with wonder
Why we all fear and shudder
As the raging sea tried to claim its kill
He suddenly turned and said, “Be still!”
And so it did! Everything went hush
Along with our fears and doubts he gently crushed
He always does things beyond the norm
The One who sleeps in the midst of the storm

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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