Water, water and more water.

It would seem that there is a surplus of water falling on us at the moment. Here in Australia it’s the real wet stuff. In other countries its the real cold; white stuff which some call “Devils Dandruff”

Here in Australia many towns and communities are cut off because of floods and flooded roads. Communities in other nations are cut off from snow / ice bound roads. And so it seems we have a common bond of a Wet Christmas.

Three years ago I wrote about Noah; and in light of the current weather pattern; its worthwhile reposting today

Let’s truly think about Noah, what it really meant to obey God and do what God had called him to do? Imagine your-self in Noah’s position. Up till that time there was no such thing as rain, the earth watered itself from springs of water that bubbled up out of the ground. Imagine the conversation God and Noah had.

God – “Noah, listen up, I’m going to make it rain.”

Noah – “Rain, what’s that?

God – “Rain is water that comes down from the sky, instead of coming up out of the ground.

Noah – “Oh OK then, you want me to build a what?

God – “I want you to build a boat Noah; I want you to build it according to my plan, and on this boat I want you to take two each of unclean animals and seven each of clean animals as well as any one else who wants to join you”

Noah – “So let me get this straight, you want me to make a boat, to hold a heap of animals of every kind, gather enough food and water for them, for you are going to send, what’s that stuff called again? Rain out of the sky and so much of it you are going to flood the world and put an end to all this wickedness?

God – “That’s right Noah, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and that’s exactly what I want you to do.”

Noah – “Well OK God, I’ll do it for you, because you have told me to do it, if you say it will happen, IT is going to happen …HELP”

God – “Of course I will help you Noah, you better get cracking.”

Neighbour – Hey Noah, what are you doing there…Your what?…Its going to rain…what’s that? Water that falls from the sky and is going to flood the earth…Noah, you are crazy, Gods not going to do that.

Noah – God are you sure about this rain and flood stuff…I’m sure copping a lot of flack from my neighbours who think I’m a crazy ole coot.

God – It’s OK Noah, keep doing what I have asked you to do, it will be OK, you will be saved from the floods, trust me.

Shut your eyes for a moment; think about your own reactions and dialog you would have with God if you were Noah. What do you think your conversation with God would have been like during that time and as you built the boat? What sort of flack do you think you would have to cope with in building that boat? What would it have been like to hear rain falling from the sky for the first time ever……

Since I first wrote this draft, a movie came out called “Evan Almighty”, which is a modern day tale of the story of Noah, where God calls a man called Evan to build an ark, though with a few major differences. If you have seen the movie, think of the flack he copped, yet because of Gods faithfulness, his obedience though reluctant was truly rewarded.

I wonder; what is God asking you to step out and do?

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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