Random thoughts on Jacob, Esau, Romans and the Minor Prophets

As part of my studies of the Minor Prophets I have been reading through this paper.

Tradition, History, and Our Story: Some Observations on Jacob and Esau in the Books of Obadiah and Malachi. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol 32.4 (2008): 475-486

The author mentions how both the book of Obadiah and Malachi treat the subject of Jacob and Esau. The first in that Jacob was chosen over his older brother because of his brothers moral ineptitude. The latter because of God’s divine election and draws the parallel between  Malachi and Paul’s writings in Romans.

This caused me to go off on tangent of random thoughts. My understanding of the thrust of Romans is that Paul is making his case to both the Jews and the Gentile church. He begins by building up a solid case to the Jews about how bad the Gentiles are and then whacks them with a sucker punch telling them they are just as bad.

He then does the same to the Gentiles and at the last moment when they are agreeing how bad the Jews are…he sucker punches them also.

I am having a few random thoughts from Romans 9 about the story of Jacob and Esau in that it would seem that God performed a huge sucker punch to the Jewish nation by reversing that story by making Esau (gentiles ) equal heirs under Gods plan of election.

I’m also randomly thinking about the prophetic role of Jonah and the similarities in the book of Romans. You can imagine the horrified looks and attitudes of the Jewish people in hearing that God had brought the Gentiles into a place of equality with the Jewish people and did so through electing the Gentiles as equals by hardening the Israelites who were direct descendants of Jacob.

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