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The 4 A’s of Matthew.

  I love this paragraph that comes from a Greek Scholar who takes the great commission seriously. I leave you with the 4 “Alls” of Matthew 28:19-20 (the Great Commission of Jesus): pasa exousia = “all authority” = unlimited power … Continue reading

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There is no room for cessationism in Christian theology.

Brother Dave linked to a great article on being active Christians from the blog called Following Judah’s Lion. I love the byline that Rick wrote, which says, The church should be an instrument of redemption and practice redemptive socialism. Within … Continue reading

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Roman 5 stands against Limited Atonement!

I rarely if ever get involved in theological wars between a  Calvinistic and Arminian debate. There was a time when I did, and I used to argue passionately for the Arminian position and indeed I still strongly hold to that … Continue reading

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The semantics of Christianise.

I have heard it said, or words to the effect that the language of theology is a  precise language. By this: its implied that the words and terminology used, are precise words and terms, that are used for clarity and … Continue reading

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Is baptism a sign of church membership or a salvific event?

I have been thinking about the practice of Baptism within the church and the various denominational practices of it. I currently fellowship with a Baptist Church and am enjoying it very much and will soon become a member. The minister … Continue reading

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