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There is no room for cessationism in Christian theology.

Brother Dave linked to a great article on being active Christians from the blog called Following Judah’s Lion. I love the byline that Rick wrote, which says, The church should be an instrument of redemption and practice redemptive socialism. Within … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts: Empowerment

Yesterday I wrote about encouragement being a spiritual gift. Today I want to talk about the gift of empowerment. Again while this term is not specifically mentioned in Scripture as a spiritual gift, Scripture does indeed talk about it. Encouragement … Continue reading

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Encouragement: A spiritual gift.

Though its not specifically listed within the lists of spiritual gifts, I believe that the ability to encourage another is a spiritual gift. Perhaps its falls within the realm of prophecy, perhaps not. Certainly we are called to encourage each … Continue reading

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Spiritual gifts and callings.

During this mornings devotion, the following verse stood out to me like a neon light from Romans. Rom 9:16  So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. This verse ultimately is talking … Continue reading

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Freedom continued

I have reflected a lot lately on the book of Galatians….There is one verse in particular that I have reflected on, which I think is the real key to understanding not only the book of Galations, but is the key … Continue reading

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