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The pastor: Understanding society and Emmanuel.

Last night I submitted the last assignment required to complete the ‘Sociology of Christian Community and Practice subject.’ The paper was an analysis a church with a membership over 200 people – with the clause that it couldn’t be our … Continue reading

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What does the church have to offer for marriage.

In the past I have written a number of posts critiquing the public stance of the church against same sex marriage. I have argued that marriage is in reality a state and private affair and that there is no real … Continue reading

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Cutting through the rhetoric.

I have made a number of in-your face comments, posts and statements over the last year about a variety of subjects. It seems that the most controversial ones stem around my views on the subject of same sex marriage within … Continue reading

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It’s what is in ones heart that makes a person clean or unclean.

I was talking to a mate today; who mentioned his brother is a new Christian. He shared some of his frustration in that though his brother has accepted Christ and goes to church; he still lives with his girlfriend and … Continue reading

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A real victory for who….if we do or don’t allow gay marriage

I have often argued that marriage of its self is a societal issue and not a Christian issue. The Biblical mandate for Christians and therefore the Church is in regards to teaching rightful living within the Christian community as a … Continue reading

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