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Conference talk: How the Holy Spirit works in my life.

I have been attending a conference on the role the Holy Spirit plays in ministering with and to the urban poor, within the framework of social justice. I have been asked to take one of the sessions today, in which … Continue reading

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True hearing requires action.

There are numerous exhortations and encouragements in Scripture for us to hear God’s word and that God hears our voice. Within this context of hearing its important to note that hearing is more then just making mental note that you … Continue reading

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A curse on generational curses.

I have heard the subject of ‘generational curses’ spoken about many times, by many people in many places. More often then not, the conversation or teaching goes along the lines that you have curses on your life because of the … Continue reading

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Exodus warning… Be careful to do all I tell you.

Most of my readers will know that I tend to emphasise the New Testament over the Old Testament. Having said that, one of my goals this year is to re-read the Bible through in its historical ordering of the books … Continue reading

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Have you stepped in dog poo?

If your Christian faith does not compel you to be involved in Social Justice. If your faith causes injustice, or causes you to over look injustice then your faith is a stench in Gods nostrils. No matter what you say, preach or … Continue reading

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Justice and Mercy or Criticism and Judgement

I have another blog which deals with issues of male victims of abuse. Particularly domestic abuse from the hands of female perps. While I try and keep the two blogs separate; so that I can concentrate and develop my Christian thoughts and belief … Continue reading


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True Christianity creates peace and not war between nations.

I was reading through Acts chapter 2 this morning about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and reflecting on the relationship between religion and social justice. Here we read about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which causes the Disciples who … Continue reading

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Divorce; a painful subject – a painful experience

There are few things that will stir ones emotions more than what the subject of divorce will. Within the church divorce is deemed a terrible and horrible thing. And indeed it is, for those who are going through it. Over the … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflection: Jonah

Jonah is the 5th book of the Minor Prophets and is deemed to have been written in 450BC. There is some dispute as to its genre. Reasons for it being Historical Jonah is a known established prophet from the book … Continue reading

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