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The ethical dilemma.

I was looking forward to today, as it was to be my first day back at college. Unfortunately I am sick with the flue. Last night I had mucus continually streaming from my nose, and the pressure in my sinuses … Continue reading

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There are times when all we can do is accept it is true.

My long term readers will know that I have struggled since 17th October 2007 with the ongoing repercussions of having suffered from“Viral Encephalitis.” I praise the Lord that there has been great improvement and healing over those years to where … Continue reading

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What’s happening.

It’s Monday morning. It’s 7:53am. My wife and I are about to go out for the morning. I /we had a great time at church yesterday. A lady and I myself were prayed for last night, as we both were … Continue reading

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The Sacrament of Pain.

Brian Fulthorp who writes an excellent blog at http://sunestauromai.wordpress.com/, has posted on the sacrament of pain. It’s well worth your time to wander over and have a read of it. I thought it worthwhile also repeating the comment I made … Continue reading

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Wiped out….again.

Have you ever had one of those weeks or experiences that you wish you will never experience ever again? I have had one of those such weeks. Though not all was bad. It started on Saturday when I was involved … Continue reading

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