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The Resurrection is the basis for our ethical practices.

I am immensely enjoying reading The Cross Is Not Enough, Living as Witnesses to the Resurrection.  Chapter 2 is titled The Resurrection Effect, Yours, Mine and Ours. In this chapter they break down 12 sub headings which they call “Zones for living.” … Continue reading

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Re-Discovering The Simplicity Of The Gospel Message.

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of the Resurrection and I want to continue in that vein today. It seems to me that a lot of our emphasis is in understanding how the cross works. We have a variety of … Continue reading

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What emphasis do we have?

I was reading 1 Cor 15 this morning and the thought struck me like a pylon driver coming crashing down on me. And the thought was, why does it seem that in general, (Ok, so I”m guilty of making a … Continue reading

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Unconditional what?

There seems to be much confusion within some Christian and quasi Christian circles regarding what the unconditional love of God means. Some equate this love as meaning unconditional acceptance of or  the condoning of their actions, no matter what. This … Continue reading

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