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There are books and there are books. And then, there are books among books!

It’s no secret that I am a lover of books. I simply like to read. Novels, biographies, history, sci-fi, theology, blogs, comics, self help, devotional, how to do it,  poetry, and…… even the odd romance book. This year, the books … Continue reading

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New Years Continuation!

I was speaking to my wife about New Years resolutions this morning and mentioned how I am not going to make any resolutions; instead I was planning to make 2012 a year of continuations. In 2012 I intend to continue … Continue reading

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Marriage, relationships and the church.

I have written a number of times how I believe the church has no mandate, nor Biblical support to perform a wedding ceremony, and that historically weddings have been a state and not a church issue. My more recent post … Continue reading

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The power of grace

Christianity is not about rules and regulations. Its about a life of Grace: Grace that extends in an upward, inward and outward direction. The deeper we appropriate and understand this Grace – the deeper and more loving our relationships become.

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