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There are books and there are books. And then, there are books among books!

It’s no secret that I am a lover of books. I simply like to read. Novels, biographies, history, sci-fi, theology, blogs, comics, self help, devotional, how to do it,  poetry, and…… even the odd romance book. This year, the books … Continue reading

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Relational Leadership – A great leader is a great story teller part 4.

In the pages between 182 & 189 Wright speaks of the need for leaders to be great story tellers. A powerful strategy for communicating values is the telling of stories. Stories capture the imaginations of people, reveal values at work, … Continue reading

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Relational Leadership–nuggets of Gold part 2.

Yesterday I shared about the leadership book that I have been reading on relational leadership. Tonight I came across this gem on page 99, Max De Pree says that the two primary responsibilities of a leader are to point the … Continue reading

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Leadership does not depend on position.

Over the last few months I have been reading a number of books on leadership, and one in particular has produced a number of ‘Aha’ moments. Walter Wright who has served at Regent and Fuller colleges authored this book called … Continue reading

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