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Do Charismatics deny ‘Sola Scripture” if so does that make them outside the Protestant movement?

Michael Patton from Credo House has written a blog post in regards to this question and comes to the conclusion that they are outside the Protestant movement. At the risk of standing on some toes, I believe that there are … Continue reading

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The end is neighhhhhhhhhhhhh

Any prophecy that misses the mark of Christ’s grace within the framework of the earth’s demise is bogus. Mind you, there are many bogus prophecies within a so called Christian context that still miss the grace of Christ within the … Continue reading

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Walking on what! Does God really call us to get out of the boat?

I often hear it bandied around in church circles that God wants his people to get out of the boat. The idea behind it,  is that God wants us to get out of our comfort zones and take risks for … Continue reading

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Team Pyro still making straw man arguments.

The Team Pyro are at it again. Busy making rhetorical straw man arguments and tearing them down. Such as their latest post here where they make the following inane comment about prophecy. However, if you are a really-really “continuationist,” then … Continue reading

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Is God leading me into a new direction?

I finished my last intensive for the Cert 1V in Chaplaincy in June 2010. On the last day, Pastor Terry Cahill, who has a prophetic edge to his ministry came to prophecy over us. There was a number of people … Continue reading

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The gift of prophecy for today.

Over the years I have been given┬áseveral prophecies and have felt inspired to prophesy to others. In that process I have made a number of mistakes… I remember one time I gave a word to someone at church and their … Continue reading

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New Testament Prophecy

There is an interesting discussion going on at the “Near Emmaus” Blog regarding New Testament prophecy and Old Testament. It is often brought up from Deuteronomy that the mark of a true prophet is that his prophecy has to come … Continue reading

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