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If you preach against sin–your guilty of preaching a false gospel!

Many Christians believe that the main role of the church is to preach against sin.  They spend a lot of time railing against how ungodly so and so is. They rail against this sin and that sin. Some will even … Continue reading

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The highs and shattering lows of preaching.

I have a love / hate relationship with preaching. It’s something I love to do. It’s also something that I don’t like promoting myself to do. I have the philosophy that the pulpit belongs to the minister / elders of … Continue reading

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Do you want to preach / teach better?

I believe that for us as preachers and teachers to become truly fruitful and effective in our preaching; we have to become great story tellers. By story telling, I mean that we become living agents of God’s love. For its only when we … Continue reading

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Preach the whole context…Driscoll gets it wrong.

Mark Driscoll has recently preached a sermon on the topic of Heaven and Hell from Luke 16…. and as passionate and convicting he is on the subject… he totally gets it wrong. It’s unfortunate Mark did that passage in Luke … Continue reading

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Modern preaching and the early church

I have been thinking about the way the modern church preaches and its sermon content and topics. This reflection has caused me to stop, think and ask the questions if our sermonising matches that of the early church. By this: … Continue reading

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Celebration anniversary of Interlife Church

During February some great friends are celebrating the anniversary of the church that they planted. Jun and Cherry Galang are pastors of Interlife Church; a multicultural church based in South West Sydney. As part of their months celebration; on the … Continue reading

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