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Cyber Space…a mission frontier.

  A friend of mine, Ben Larkin has explored for some time the idea of being an online missionary through the media of online gaming. In the past, I have used email, blogging and Facebook reasonably effectively to communicate with … Continue reading

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Personal experience and doctrine.

We do the Scriptures a disservice when we discount the power of personal experience in forming doctrine. I have read and heard it said that the Scriptural narrative accounts are not to be used to form doctrine; instead we should … Continue reading

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Ho hum….Wow an amazing thing happened to ME!

The book of Mark is full of personal experience. A young virgin becomes the recipient of God’s promise and finds herself with child. A leper gets healed. Sins are proclaimed to be forgiven. Paralytics and other forms of crippling disabilities … Continue reading

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Where is the Father?

Dave Black asks where is the Father in our theology books, when commenting about the translation of Larry Hurtado’s book into French. Amen to that. I might take it a step further. Where is a section on the “Father” in … Continue reading

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