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Contentment = Peace….

I posted an article on Unsettled Christianity about how contentment leads to peace and how you can’t have peace if you’re in a state of dis-contentedness. Is that actually a word?

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Enough is enough says Egyptian Muslims.

  It may not be a well known fact within our western culture that the Orthodox and Coptic churches celebrate Christmas on a different day than the majority of the churches in the western world do. On New Years eve, … Continue reading

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Resisting evil.

I’m reading Tolstoy’s “The Kingdom of God is Within You.” He asks a very pertinent question which I believe needs to be re-asked today in light of what appears to be a very American take on religious freedom, war and politics. The … Continue reading

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True Christianity creates peace and not war between nations.

I was reading through Acts chapter 2 this morning about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and reflecting on the relationship between religion and social justice. Here we read about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which causes the Disciples who … Continue reading

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Inward Piety Must Lead To Outward Piety.

J.R Daniel Kirk authors an interesting blog called Storied Theology. He makes an interesting statement that it seems Christianity is lagging behind the rest of the world in areas such as caring for the environment, and questions if Christianity and … Continue reading

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