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The book of Hebrews- a compromise.

Dave Black has challenged me on my current belief about the authorship of Hebrews. I have believed for a while that it was Luke who was the author of the book. Yet it appears that the early church fathers – … Continue reading

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Would we understand Scripture differently -if the writers used emoticons?

Words are powerful. They have the ability to build people up and create kingdoms – and likewise they have the ability to pull people down and destroy kingdoms. There are various ways we use words. The spoken word, the written … Continue reading

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Paul uses the same argument in Romans 9:4-5 & Ephesians 1:3-5

I have written a couple of times about how it’s my premise that in the book of Ephesians, Paul is speaking to Gentile believers in Ephesus who had developed a superior attitude towards the Jewish believers who were coming back … Continue reading

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Similarity between Romans 9 and Ephesians 1

A friend is preaching on Romans 9 this Sunday and made the comment how it was messing with his head… so I went and read Romans 9 this morning and noticed the similarities between Romans 9:1-5 and Ephesians 1:3-12 Romans … Continue reading

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How to encourage one another: an example from Paul.

I love to encourage people and I like to be encouraged by others also. One of my frequent prayers is Lord; cause me to be an encourager to others. During the weekend I was at the local skate park and … Continue reading

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In the pursuit of knowledge

The Blogging Parson has been doing an interesting series on Knowledge, Trust and Expertise. In reading through his posts I started to think about the fall and how Adam and Eve were recorded as eating from the tree of the … Continue reading

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