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Praying for our enemies.

Isil has been making threats against our nation. They are threats we should not be casual about. But we don’t need to overly fear them either. As God’s people we are called to give him all our cares, fears and … Continue reading

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Consider it what? You have to be joking. James1:2

  I was reading James this morning and was struck by the absurdity of his opening sentence…Consider it joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds. In the natural its absurd to encourage anyone to be joyful when … Continue reading

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Reflection on Micah 6:8

This morning I met with a small group for prayer and devotion, before heading out for the regular Tuesday morning community BBQ. I was given a small book edited by Charles Ringma, called Cry Freedom, with voices from the Third … Continue reading

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True Love–1 John 3:16-24

I was blessed and privileged to share the sermon tonight. I wrote the following as a Face Book status today, as I reflected on the power of love. Because true love is neither merely words or feelings, we can be … Continue reading

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Actions will always follow ‘true’ salvation!

I’m preparing a sermon for Sunday night’s series on Being a Fair Dinkum Christian. The passage is 1 John 3:16-24 and I’m thinking of titling it…The Rubber Must Hit The Road or Long Arms & Shallow Pockets.  John makes it … Continue reading

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The pastors role is to teach God’s people to see.

I believe one of the integral roles of the pastor is to be a person who see’s. Within the framework of seeing, the pastor is to be a person who teaches the congregation to see. For we are called to … Continue reading

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Christ the peace maker.

The Christian Gospel is a message of peace for all with God. It’s inclusive of all gender, race, class and age. It’s a story that brings us into relationship with God and with each other…and within that context it provides … Continue reading

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My rant for the day…

  I am fed up with all the negative baloney and hoooahya that is going around at the moment about those bloody gays, war mongering Muslims and other issues that seem to be representative of Christianity. Christianity is not about … Continue reading

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The parable of the sculptor.

There once was a sculptor who had a delivery of logs delivered to his workshop. This pile had a selection of knotty and gnarled pieces, some long and slender, others wide and short. Some were strong and others in various … Continue reading

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Who do you cut yourself off from?

Luke records 3 accounts of overt grumbling in his gospel. Each time its the religious leaders and the religious lawyers who are complaining about Jesus eating and drinking and socialising with sinners. Even John the Baptist has some misgivings about … Continue reading

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