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The sea of life.

Masses of people going to and fro, like waves on the shore. Coming and going with the tide of societies expectation.  Crashing and eroding ones sanity with the ethic of greed and consumption. The weight of the grains of more, … Continue reading

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Who do you think you are?

My wife and I have been doing a 7 week marriage enrichment course and last night we we continued with the theme of “Who am I.” Within this context, last night we reflected on the issues of personal identity and … Continue reading

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Specialist update.

I saw the specialist on Monday for my regular check up. Because I had had a particularly busy weekend I was feeling fairly shattered on Monday morning and was running late in arriving at the surgery. One of the ongoing … Continue reading

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Saving Face or Faith?

I believe the time has come for the church and its members to do a lot of deep soul searching into the realm of ‘Face’ or ‘Faith.’ Face portrays to the world that all is well in my world.. Faith … Continue reading

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What does the church have to offer for marriage.

In the past I have written a number of posts critiquing the public stance of the church against same sex marriage. I have argued that marriage is in reality a state and private affair and that there is no real … Continue reading

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Is Jesus really teaching about hell? Mark 9:33-50

I have been recently involved in a number of discussions about hell and the eternal conscious torment of those who go to hell. Within these discussions the following passage is often cited and used to support an argument of eternal … Continue reading

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Researchers discover link between abortion and mental illness.

The Daily Telegraph published a must read  article regarding research which was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. I have been saddened by the stories people have shared as they pour out their inner pain from having had an … Continue reading

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God’s will.

One of the biggest questions I hear in Christian circles is that of what is God’s will for my life. What is God’s plans and purposes for my life. God what do you want me to do? And these questions … Continue reading

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Be careful how you preach against sin–for in doing so, you may be preaching against Christ.

Recently I posted a controversial heading  that said “If you preach against sin; your guilty of preaching a false gospel.”  In it I made the point that the centrality of our preaching is to be the forgiveness of sins and … Continue reading

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The importance of Spiritual gifts, callings and position.

I was flicking through Dave Black’s blog that is not a blog and followed a link to a paper written by John Piper, on the subject of Spiritual Gifts. My nutshell paraphrase of what he says is that; The importance … Continue reading

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