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Worshipers called to worship.

There is a lot of talk going on around the blogosphere, articles being written in journals and sermons preached on what is ‘true’ worship. It’s rightly noted that ‘true’ worship involves how we live our day to day lives, 24 … Continue reading


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Superstitious behaviour.

I’m increasingly getting annoyed with ‘Cheap and Easy Christianity!’ I have come to the conclusion that our church preoccupation with getting people to pray the sinners prayer. That is encouraging people to pray a simple prayer along the lines of, … Continue reading

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Actions will always follow ‘true’ salvation!

I’m preparing a sermon for Sunday night’s series on Being a Fair Dinkum Christian. The passage is 1 John 3:16-24 and I’m thinking of titling it…The Rubber Must Hit The Road or Long Arms & Shallow Pockets.  John makes it … Continue reading

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John Piper on the prosperity gospel.

Jim West has posted up an interesting video clip of John Piper speaking out against the prosperity gospel. I’m no fan of the prosperity gospel. I’m not a fan of the name it, claim it brigade. But the final quote … Continue reading

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The unifying thought in Romans / Ephesians.

I propose that of all of Paul’s writings, the letter to the Ephesians is one that is closest to the letter to the Romans. While granted Ephesians is much shorter, I believe that they both have a similar genre and … Continue reading

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Preaching that connects.

I believe that our preachers need to be preachers who connect. To connect with those we are preaching to, we need to  know  their narrative story. Who are we preaching to. What are their age. What is their current circumstances. … Continue reading

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The pastors role is to teach God’s people to see.

I believe one of the integral roles of the pastor is to be a person who see’s. Within the framework of seeing, the pastor is to be a person who teaches the congregation to see. For we are called to … Continue reading

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Failing Forward.

The other day I was in a bit of a melancholy reflective mood and wrote some poetry about finding peace.   This morning I would like to expand a little more on what I wrote about the ache of the soul. … Continue reading

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I am presenting a paper to class today about the sociological factors that have shaped my identity. In it I concluded how in many ways I am an outsider. In conclusion, there are a large number of social determents that … Continue reading

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Finding peace.

The waves of life washing over my feet, hypnotically I stare ahead, not really noticing my feet sinking into the sands of time. It takes all my energy just to stand, against the forces against me. The wind adds to … Continue reading

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