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The Emperor’s New Clothes

There is a well-known fable where a king is groomed, pampered, and flattered that he is so special he deserves a set of special clothes. These clothes are special in that you have to be wise, learned, and a special … Continue reading

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Pastoral questions.

I have been reflecting tonight on my experience of being a Christian. I became born again on the 17th of March, 10:30am, 1997. This means I have nearly spent 15 years in service to the King of kings. During this … Continue reading

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The fabric of society is held together by traditions. All of us are creatures of habit which form tradition. Some traditions are healthy. Some traditions are not so healthy. Some traditions make my eyes roll. Others happen without us really … Continue reading

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Growing old gracefully.

Brother Dave has been sharing how he has saved enough money to pay for two mission trips, through the practice of having his wife cut his hair. He makes the point that he actually doesn’t have much to cut in … Continue reading

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Heading up a new men’s ministry called M.A.N

Our church is starting up a men’s ministry called M.A.N. We haven’t had a specific men’s ministry for a number of years and five months or so ago, I felt the Lord tapping me on the shoulder to revamp it. … Continue reading

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When did you become a Man / Woman?

One of my favourite topics is the subject of ‘identity.’ This semester I have taken a sociology subject. It’s the first time I have formally studied sociology and though I felt I was out of my depth and struggled at … Continue reading

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Question for the day:

I asked this series of questions on Face Book and it has raised up some interesting responses….What forms your identity as a person? What makes you a woman or a man? How do you identify as a woman or a … Continue reading

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Identity– Why does God answer some prayers and not others?

I have written a lot on this blog in the past about identity. This post is a continuation of that same theme. Two weeks ago I sat in class next to a young man who was in a wheel chair. … Continue reading

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Are you self sufficient or a global communicative member?

Its 1:49am… I’m up and about having woken up from a coughing fit. It’s way to early in the morning to write anything nearly coherent; so excuse my ramble….yet for some reason I was thinking about the idea of individuality … Continue reading

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Homelessness in the wake of natural disaster’s

Australia has reeled during the last couple years with the magnitude of disaster; resulting in the loss of property and lives. This loss has a deep impact on the personal identity of individuals; families, communities and the nation as a … Continue reading

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