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My thought for the day.

I consider myself a full on charismatic and enjoy and yearn for more of the Spirit of God. I also have a fairly good collection of theological books and academic connections which I draw much richness from. A wise pastor … Continue reading

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An edgy kinda guy

I had a great day out with my wife Joanne and many friends and other strangers today. I attended a wedding of a great friend, who has been with me through some tough times. In the past I have rocked … Continue reading

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Conference talk: How the Holy Spirit works in my life.

I have been attending a conference on the role the Holy Spirit plays in ministering with and to the urban poor, within the framework of social justice. I have been asked to take one of the sessions today, in which … Continue reading

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What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Throughout Scripture, there is a promise that if you seek the Lord with all your: Heart, mind and strength; you will receive the desires of your heart. This promise given to Israel through Moses, directly by God to Solomon, to … Continue reading

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Personal experience and doctrine.

We do the Scriptures a disservice when we discount the power of personal experience in forming doctrine. I have read and heard it said that the Scriptural narrative accounts are not to be used to form doctrine; instead we should … Continue reading

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You need the Holy Spirit!

I’m preparing to preach a series on Spiritual Gifts, which will start in a few weeks time and the first sermon will be on the Holy Spirit as The Gift. Today I wrote the following on Face Book, We do … Continue reading

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Quote of the day.

You’re never too old or too young to serve Jesus. As their daddy likes to say: There is no “teenage Holy Spirit” and “Holy Spirit.” There’s just the Holy Spirit. H.T Dave Black

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The cart and the horse or is it the horse and the cart?

I have been thinking about the role of Scripture within the framework of faith. One doesn’t have to search far within cyber space to find discussions and discussions and arguments and disagreements about the nature and place of Scripture within … Continue reading

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There is no room for cessationism in Christian theology.

Brother Dave linked to a great article on being active Christians from the blog called Following Judah’s Lion. I love the byline that Rick wrote, which says, The church should be an instrument of redemption and practice redemptive socialism. Within … Continue reading

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Spiritual gifts and callings.

During this mornings devotion, the following verse stood out to me like a neon light from Romans. Rom 9:16  So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. This verse ultimately is talking … Continue reading

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