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Dave and his heretical views.

I don’t really believe Dave is heretical. I’m just quoting what he says of himself, and who is soon to give his guest lecture on why he believes Paul is is the author of Hebrews. When I gave this talk … Continue reading

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Who wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews?

  I have been devotionally reading through the book of Hebrews as well as working through its Greek translation. One of the fascinating debates that has historically surrounded this book is the issue of who authored it. In the past … Continue reading

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He made the Worlds.

Last week I decided to resume my Greek studies as college and other ministry commitments were finished for the year and I had the time to spare. Because I hadn’t read the book of Hebrews for a while, I decided … Continue reading

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The book of Hebrews- a compromise.

Dave Black has challenged me on my current belief about the authorship of Hebrews. I have believed for a while that it was Luke who was the author of the book. Yet it appears that the early church fathers – … Continue reading

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