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Dignity and worth – or self destruction.

There is something incredibly beautiful and dignifying about the potential of a wholesome humanity. And there is nothing as ugly and soul destroying as when we lose our dignity and self worth.   Between the age of 17 and 30 … Continue reading

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The power to heal and forgive.

  There is an amazing story of faith and faithlessness that is told in Luke 5:17- 26 when Jesus heals a paralytic man whose friends lowered him down through the roof, because they couldn’t get inside to see him. Over … Continue reading

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There are times when all we can do is accept it is true.

My long term readers will know that I have struggled since 17th October 2007 with the ongoing repercussions of having suffered from“Viral Encephalitis.” I praise the Lord that there has been great improvement and healing over those years to where … Continue reading

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What’s happening.

It’s Monday morning. It’s 7:53am. My wife and I are about to go out for the morning. I /we had a great time at church yesterday. A lady and I myself were prayed for last night, as we both were … Continue reading

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Pray for Harrison.

Steven McKinion’s son Harrison is suffering from Leukemia and asks for prayer. For Steven, Harrison and family I pray that our heavenly father will strengthen you deeply in your inner man with the knowledge of his love. I pray that … Continue reading

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We have been preaching through the book of Mark at church in the morning service and I had the privilege of  preaching the 2nd last sermon of the series…which I entitled  “Where is God when we feel forsaken” The text … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle; and it’s out.

  I have been blogging about my toothache lately. Up until this morning the left side of my face was swollen from the infection. Not only was my cheek and gum sore; my ear was sore and closed up as … Continue reading

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Healing / disability and motivations.

I am impressed  with Amos Yong’s testimony and his theological challenge to the church in regards to a Theology of Disability. I made the following comment to him. I have gained much insight from your talks. Again thanks for linking them. You … Continue reading

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Rediscovering joy in doing the norm of life.

Tonight I heard the good news that Dr. Shane Clifton has more movement and feeling in his right thumb and index finger. I can truly appreciate the feeling of joy Shane has in discovering he has more mobility then before. … Continue reading

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