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“Craig, Where is the justice?”

In my travels, I hear terrible stories of abuse. Stories of heartbreak and pain. Stories that make you wonder, just how did those people survive. And indeed, many of them are survivors; though, at times, they feel like they are … Continue reading

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I am convinced that…

I am convinced that the terminology of “Patience / Long Suffering” in the framework of the Fruit of the Spirit is misunderstood. I believe the term which is translated from  the combined Greek words which mean Long Tempered has more … Continue reading

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Facing death. The journey to life.

Becky Black is dying. There is no easy or polite way of saying this. I truly wish there was. She has been battling cancer for a number of years now and the Lord has shown he has heard the prayers … Continue reading

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Join me in prayer.

Join me in prayer for Rick Warren and his family as they grieve the death of their son to suicide. My prayer for today is for all my friends, our families and extended circle of friends and myself; that we … Continue reading

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In the mail.

I received two books in the mail. The first is Grief: Finding the Candle of Light, from  Energion Publications. Though not required, I will be doing a review of this book in the future. I want to say thanks to … Continue reading

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The Sacrament of Pain.

Brian Fulthorp who writes an excellent blog at http://sunestauromai.wordpress.com/, has posted on the sacrament of pain. It’s well worth your time to wander over and have a read of it. I thought it worthwhile also repeating the comment I made … Continue reading

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Specialist update.

I saw the specialist on Monday for my regular check up. Because I had had a particularly busy weekend I was feeling fairly shattered on Monday morning and was running late in arriving at the surgery. One of the ongoing … Continue reading

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We have been preaching through the book of Mark at church in the morning service and I had the privilege of  preaching the 2nd last sermon of the series…which I entitled  “Where is God when we feel forsaken” The text … Continue reading

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The passing of Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs had been anonymously poor – there would have still been family and friends who would grieve over their loss and be in pain at this time. We can no longer pray for Steve.  For his family and … Continue reading

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Deep sadness in Norway.

It’s only now that I have been able to start to really process what has happened over in Norway. 90 people killed, one person caught with the possibility of another suspect still loose. My heart, my thoughts, my prayers raise … Continue reading

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