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Australia Day / Invasion Day – some thoughts.

A friend of mine is an interesting character. Come to think of it, most of my friends are interesting characters and I have a huge mix of friends from a variety of social, racial, gender and age backgrounds. My friend … Continue reading

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A serious responsibility.

I enjoy studying of God’s word. I enjoy meditating on it and chewing over it until it penetrates deep within. I enjoy talking about God’s word. And I enjoy preaching God’s word. In saying this, I have to be honest, … Continue reading

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If you preach against sin–your guilty of preaching a false gospel!

Many Christians believe that the main role of the church is to preach against sin.  They spend a lot of time railing against how ungodly so and so is. They rail against this sin and that sin. Some will even … Continue reading

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Most Damaging Doctrine.

Brian LePort from Near Emmaus has recently asked what people consider the most damaging doctrines. After some thought I have to say that the most damaging doctrine is those that limit and distort the love and grace of God. And … Continue reading

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Do you want to preach / teach better?

I believe that for us as preachers and teachers to become truly fruitful and effective in our preaching; we have to become great story tellers. By story telling, I mean that we become living agents of God’s love. For its only when we … Continue reading

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Should Pentecostal’s become more creedal and confessional?

Dan from Apprentice for Jesus has been blogging about the change he is bringing about in the church he pastors in becoming more confessional and creedal in the service. I was shocked last week when someone from college told me they didn’t … Continue reading

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Why I preach “Christ” and not justice, love, peace and simplicity.

Sheridan Voysey posted up a quote from the Mennonite preacher Myron Augsburger on Face Book. I believe in justice, but I am not a preacher of the gospel of justice, but the Gospel of Christ who calls us to justice. I … Continue reading

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Marriage and the Church

Earlier I blogged that I would do a series on identity and the church. Yesterday I set the cat among the pigeons about my stance as a Christian and gay marriage. Many Christians reading it would be horrified because of … Continue reading

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