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I was wrong – but I am right – Calvinists preach a false gospel.

In my previous blog post, I made the comment that Calvin and many of the other reformers would be rolling in their graves over R.C Sproul’s statement. I was wrong in making that statement. Excuse me a little for showing … Continue reading

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I am arrogant enough to believe the Gospel message. Are you?

A commentator made the following comment in a previous post;   To take another tack, do you realize just how extraordinarily arrogant you must be to honestly believe that the creator of the universe took the time to make his … Continue reading

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Christ the peace maker.

The Christian Gospel is a message of peace for all with God. It’s inclusive of all gender, race, class and age. It’s a story that brings us into relationship with God and with each other…and within that context it provides … Continue reading

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The message of the church–what are we to do with sin?

The message entrusted to the church is always one of forgiveness and reconciliation with God. It’s never one of condemnation and judgement. Yet there is a call to live a holy life; therefore what are we to do about sin. … Continue reading

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