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Within our modern church context, what are the pastoral implications of 1 Cor 13:13.

Part 1 Abstract In this essay I look at the pastoral implications of 1 Cor 13:13 and why it is that love is considered greater than faith and hope. I did this this by reflecting on the history and background … Continue reading

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A curse on generational curses.

I have heard the subject of ‘generational curses’ spoken about many times, by many people in many places. More often then not, the conversation or teaching goes along the lines that you have curses on your life because of the … Continue reading

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The Christian message.

I wrote the following status on my Facebook page this morning. In the modern era of uncertainty and the absence of a recognised existentialist truth – the Christian message is foundational for the development of the certainty of ones identity … Continue reading


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Continual prayer can seem like its an unfair fight at times.

Christians know that prayer is our weapon of choice in the fight for life. Yet sometimes the experience of life can wear us down. It can seem that God is ignoring our prayers. We pray for the sick and nothing … Continue reading

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God in the midst of crisis

I read this morning that Shane Clifton a theologian from Alphacrucis College, formally known as Southern Cross Bible college had a spinal accident through a biking accident. While I don’t know the full details its affected his mobility and breathing. In … Continue reading

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Where is the justice in miscarriage?

The last 5 weeks has been a ride on an emotional roller coaster. Though truth be told its one that I have been on for a several years for various reasons. You can read more of my story here There … Continue reading

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Society Needs The Foundation of Love

The media bombards us with messages of wars, poverty, weakness’s of government, crimes of passion and hate, environmental and natural disastors which continue to shock us. This constant message about the continual woes of the world around us create a … Continue reading

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The power of love

Most people talk about love. Most people have a deep inner yearning to be loved. Yet the question to ask is; “What is love”? Scripture tells us that, Love is patient. It is kind. It rejoices at the truth. It … Continue reading

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