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Experiencing God.

  On the 17th of March, 1997 at 10:30 am, I experienced God. I become born again. I encountered God in such a way that I knew all my sins were forgiven and that I was in a right relationship … Continue reading

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A problem for those who state “Scripture only!”

There are many who say that experience has little or no place in the final authority of Christian belief. To those who truly say and believe this, I say humbug to you. You simply have got it wrong. Simply put, … Continue reading

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The cart and the horse or is it the horse and the cart?

I have been thinking about the role of Scripture within the framework of faith. One doesn’t have to search far within cyber space to find discussions and discussions and arguments and disagreements about the nature and place of Scripture within … Continue reading

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3 stories of miracles for finances……

It was my weekend to have the boys and it has been hot. At one time the thermomotor hit over 40 degrees Celsius.  We went to the local pool on Saturday afternoon; which was a great place to cool off. … Continue reading

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So what if my faith is a crutch….perhaps you need one too?

I have often heard others deride Christianity by saying its only a crutch to get by on. I laugh at Christians who get flustered and try and explain why its not a crutch. Well; I want to say it is … Continue reading

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