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The way of the Incarnation.

BecauseĀ the 2nd person of the Trinity existed before the creation of the earth. (Yeah I know, I just offended a heap of peeps) His eternal purpose was always to become incarnate. Christ, was always God’s plan to redeem his people. … Continue reading

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Those Christians sure are weirdos!

Christians are a weird bunch. We talk about loving our enemies. (Whether we do or not is a different story.) We talk about love, hope, joy, contentedness, forgiveness, peaceā€¦.and we even sing at funerals. And we sing with a measure … Continue reading

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Does Scripture really teach the doctrine of Hell?

During the last year have been working through what I really believe Scripture says about hell and have come to the conclusion that the doctrine of Annihilationism is more Scriptural than it is popularly purported by Roman Catholicism and Evangelicalism. … Continue reading

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