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The great unity.

I was reading through James this morning. One of my favourite methods of reading is to read out loud, for as I read I can hear both with my eyes and with my ears. Reading out loud forces me to … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus?

I’m increasingly finding myself dissatisfied with doctrine. Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe doctrine is important. For knowing ones doctrine means one knows what it is they believe. But I’m getting more and more dissatisfied with dogmatic doctrine. … Continue reading

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Southern Baptists: Traditionalism verses Calvinism continued…

I have been really surprised at how many hits my previous post on this subject received. I want to say that I have some good friends from many traditions and backgrounds – and for the most part, we have agreed … Continue reading

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Personal experience and doctrine.

We do the Scriptures a disservice when we discount the power of personal experience in forming doctrine. I have read and heard it said that the Scriptural narrative accounts are not to be used to form doctrine; instead we should … Continue reading

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