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Made out of what?

I have heard it often said and have been guilty of saying it myself, that when God created, he created out of nothing. Again I heard this said this morning, while listening to a music cd. The thought struck me: … Continue reading

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A day out in the sticks.

There is a saying. “You can take the man out of the bush; but you can’t take the bush out of the man!”  I have been fortunate to live most of my life on or surrounded by land. In my primary … Continue reading

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Who has the vivid imagination–my response to an atheist

This is the response I made to a militant atheist on face book… 2000 years later – the atheists follow their own inspired texts from their own god’s – which purportedly through the inspired texts shoot down any knowledge of … Continue reading

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Old Earth / Young Earth Discussion

  Carson T. Clark shows how most of these discussions pan out. He avoids the issue if possible, knowing in general it would be fruitless and destructive. He does a brilliant parody how those conversations go and have a look … Continue reading

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Understanding the destructiveness of humankind

There is an interesting story in the Bible; that starts in the beginning. It’s a story of how an ancient race of people came to understand the world they lived in. Some take the story to be literally true and … Continue reading

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